01 April 2010

It's NaPoWriMo

Greetings poetry writing addicts and graphomaniacs. It is once again the cruelest month, and I and a mad cadre of my students will be joining Robin Reagler and many others in attempting a poem-like-thang every danged day.

Since this particular blog is devoted to a class called Advanced Creative Writing, I've created a new blog just for poem-a-day-ing: ab chaos poesis.

There you'll see links to Robin and several classmates, including Jacqueline, and others to be added (or dropped).

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CoryLwillrise said...

If spring is life and blossoms are human sexuality, and natural selection really exists outside of color changes in butterflies in Africa or elsewhere, then the male always needs a sense of pride whether false (more likely) or substantiated in material possessions. I guess I shouldn't have to say what's a given, but whether stated or unsaid: success being attributable to intelligence was never socially Darwinistic. Perhaps my humour is not of the common place, though.