20 November 2008

Leslie Scalapino says:

There’s no hierarchy (in existence), though it occurs socially created and created by animals, authority does not derive from it. The writing enables one to see that and be ‘without’ it. A poem can be a terrain where hierarchy can be undone or not occur (in the writing), but obviously the writing does not make it not occur in the world. So, its subject is also the relation of conceptual to phenomena, conceptual being an action also. Yet even proposing conceptual non-hierarchy frequently meets with great resistance (usually).

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Cory said...

If there were no hierarchy, there would be nothing to live up to I feel. Obviously, without humans and animals there would be no entities left to construct any value unless consciousness were derived from a higher source. Still, on any plane of philosophical thinking I think resources can be derived by a spiritual realm which is rather dualistic than multifaceted, yet I may be cloaked by a 2000 year pattern for morality. Perhaps I delve from the subject like a politician, however what this particular quote fuels within me is a notion of whether ideas are derived from accumulations of matter or a massless knowledge which could be further defined as that which existed before the spacetime continuum.